Of Worms and Messiahs: Reading the Dune Saga


Ugh, Dune.

This is my default response whenever I hear anyone mention the Dune books or Dune Saga as it’s known by science fiction aficionados on Tumblr. As previously discussed, the Dune Saga by Frank Herbert is a sci-fi series set in the distant future that broadly follows the Kwisatz Haderach (think Space Messiah) Paul Atreides save the galaxy. The series, or at least the first three books, are largely considered to have the same influence The Lord of the Rings had on fantasy but for the sci-fi genre. Elements of the series can be traced to Star Wars, The Matrix, and pretty much every popular sci-fi franchise of the last 50 years.

Many sci-fi fans, casual and hardcore, are mostly familiar with first book, simply titled Dune. Those fans that go on to say they’ve read Dune, mean they’ve read the first book. But the series…

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