Pink Floyd’s Endless River Is Just the Latest Album to Recycle Old Material


On Nov. 7, Pink Floyd releases Endless River, the band’s 15th — and likely last — studio album. Preliminary reviews range from tempered praise (“Short on catchy tunes, it’s still an effective 53-minute trip”) to unmitigated disappointment (“depressingly symptomatic of the stasis that a certain kind of ponderous prog-rock had reached by the late ’70s”). But more remarkable, or perhaps unremarkable, is the revelation that the album isn’t really new material — just a belatedly edited series of outtakes from an album released 20 years ago.

That album was 1994’s Division Bell, and Endless River draws its name from the final lyrics on its final track in order, as the band said in an interview with BBC, “to show some sort of continuum” between the two projects. But some critics suggest that what the band calls “continuum” is just a nice way of describing unimaginative recycling…

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