“A Little Piece of Freedom”: David Hasselhoff Remembers the Berlin Wall


I had been in Berlin in 1987 and in 1988 but the first time I really got into what was going on with the wall was in ’89, when my song “Looking for Freedom” was #1 for eight weeks in West Germany. I could go back and forth at Checkpoint Charlie, being an American — though you had to leave by midnight — so I went over into East Germany to do an interview. The interview was supposed to be at the Grand Hotel — it was a massive, ornate, kind of tacky hotel in the middle of East Berlin; it was like black and white outside and color and gold inside — but I felt really pompous there, so we did it outside on a bench, where people were walking by. Three girls came by and they said “David Hasselhoff!” I said, “Yeah, wow, how do you know me?”…

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