Everything You Need to Know About the Apple MacBook Pro Lawsuit


Lawyers representing frustrated Apple MacBook owners filed a class action complaint Tuesday, alleging the company failed to address a glaring defect in some 2011-era MacBooks that causes screens to blur, show nothing at all or, in worst case scenarios, short circuit the entire system.

More than 23,000 unhappy customers have signed a petition to have their MacBooks repaired or replaced, banding together on Facebook and Twitter to share descriptions and screenshots of the defect. Apple has attempted fixes in many cases, but some MacBook owners say they haven’t held up. One unhappy customer even created a brilliantly cheeky riff on an Apple commercial touting a MacBook that clearly was on the fritz.

The complaints may raise a few questions for the wider MacBook-owning community, such as…

What exactly went haywire here?

The lawsuit traces the defect to an AMD high-performance graphic card that was soldered into place using a lead-free…

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